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Here LIES McGuinty

Here LIES McGuinty
On Nov, 10, 2003, in a provincially-mandated referendum, the people voted "YES!" to de-amalgamate the City of Kawartha Lakes and restore Victoria County.

On Feb 19, the Minister of Municipal Affairs announced that the Liberals would not honour the result of a democratic vote.

   All citizens of Ontario should be outraged. This is why we go to the cenotaph every year. This is what our forefathers fought for. Now it is our turn
Liar, Liar

"I simply committed to ensuring that local people would have the right to decide on the future of their municipality....I have committed that a Liberal government will ensure a binding referendum is held to allow local citizens to determine whether or not to dismantle the amalgamated city."

The referendum was held. The people voted "YES!" to de-amagalamate. McGuinty's Liberals refuse to be bound by the result.
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