Letters to the Editor

March 2, 2004

Re: Norm Wagenaar, Feb 27 Lindsay Post: "Don't forget Hodgson's role"

A Tale of Two Ministers:

     On November 12, 2002, MPP Chris Hodgson appeared before Council. He "booked" ahead to be on the agenda. He came alone, without Ministerial staff to answer questions. He stayed as long as Council wanted him, to answer their questions. Although as Minister of Municipal Affairs he could have done so without their permission, as a courtesy he asked Council to request a Minister's Question regarding de-amalgamation.

     Fast forward to February 19, 2004: Municipal Affairs Minister John Gerretsen drops in at the Mayor's office to deliver a letter containing his decision on his government's action following the Yes vote in the referendum. As luck would have it, Council is sitting at the time, so the Mayor suggests he deliver the message in person. He does so, accompanied by staff members and plainclothes police (we assume: .... men who stood outside the door with hands clasped behind their backs). Having made his announcement, he accepts a couple of questions, then hurriedly leaves the Council Chamber, leaving most Councillors' questions unanswered.

     No, Norm, we won't soon forget Mr. Hodgson. He did the right thing (albeit, late), and he did it with class. Gerretsen could take lessons from him.

     Anne Panter
     Verulam Township

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