The Lindsay Post is running a weekly series of questions, with answers by both the "Yes" and "No" sides of the issues.
  1. Was this a forced amalgamation?
  2. If the vote goes your way, how do you envision the community(ies) in November of next year?
  3. Question #3:To what extent should the area's history (heritage) determine the outcome of the referendum?
  4. Regardless of how the referendum vote comes out, do you think this will this be the end of the controversy?
  5. If the vote goes your way, how will the lines of communication between local government and citizens work?
  6. How will your vision guide and benefit future economic growth for the city?
  7. How can you show your system will provide better services to the citizens of Kawartha Lakes?
  8. How would your system ensure accurate financial accounting for the benefit of citizens, staff and councillors?
  9. Why is the system you endorse better able to provide recreational services to city residents?
  10. How would your side guarantee public participation in the budget process?
  11. How would your system work best to attract health care professionals to our area?
  12. Should we go ahead with the referendum vote if there are no restructuring funds available?
  13. How will your system pay for provincially-mandated upgrades to water systems?
  14. Does the City need an independent consultant to determine the costs of de-amalgamation?
  15. How will your system ensure fairer taxation?
  16. If you had one question answered by the other side, what would it be?
  17. Can you demonstrate, using credible data and supporting evidence, that a vote to de-amalgamate would initiate a political process and restructuring which would result in reduced taxation, equitable representation by population, no loss in the level and type of services, and that the cost of restructuring will not be borne directly by property taxpayers?
  18. How important is it that municipal candidates declare their position on the referendum question?
  19. How should the provincial government participate in public information sessions leading up to the November referendum?
  20. How will your proposed municipal structure maintain the environment of the CoKL area?
  21. How will your system of local government reduce the amount of garbage going to landfill?
  22. What would your system do to lessen the burden of user fees in our communities?
  23. How would your system ensure effective emergency services during a crisis such as the recent blackout?
  24. Should the city take a stand on de-amalgamation and what should that stand be?
  25. Should local provincial candidates take a stand on de-amalgamation?
  26. If we could turn back the clock, and could write a fresh referendum question, how would that question be worded?
  27. What would your system of government do to ensure strong economic
    development that will keep young people in our communities?
  28. ...and now,folks, it's up to you!

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