Letters to the Editor

February 23, 2004

I was educated to believe that Canada was a democratic country and that with such title comes much responsibility, one example being "fairness in the election process", a subject with which I am familiar, yet very disappointed because it seems that our (formerly great) Province of Ontario has now succumbed to the adoption of "minority rules." 
The (Liberal) Government of Ontario seems to forget that in a democracy such as ours, (or for that matter) what exists in much of the free western world, it is the majority that rules.  That is to say, those / that with the majority of votes cast by the electorate, become(s) the "rulers / rule of the day."
I believe Premier McGuinty and John Gerretsen, MPP, are a threat to our "democratic" way of life in that they, knowing full-well that the question re Amalgamation vs. De-Amalgamation of the City of Kawartha Lakes had been properly put before the electorate who made their decision in a legally democratic fashion, appear to have denied the winning majority..
(Both men also, seem to forget what they said previously as members of the Official Opposition and during the time they were campaigning for office during the past recent provincial election.) 
I have so many questions for our new provincial government:  Am I now to believe that it is the minority  that rules?  If this is true, then would it not seem proper for the Liberals to step down, seeing that they were only in the majority during the last Ontario provincial elections?
Like they say, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander." 
Don Brown,

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