Letters to the Editor

February 21, 2004

      Feb. 19, 2004: The day the government for a second time let Victoria County know that "Democracy is no longer a right of the people"

      I was appalled a the cowardly approach of John Gerretsen to city council. In a democratic country, to exercise your right to vote and then have the party in power overturn that vote, destroys democracy.

      The people of Victoria County have witness first hand the overturn of democracy. First by Mike Harris; secondly by Chris Hodgson , who betrayed his riding, as well as all almalgamated areas, by conceding to 2 municipalities out of sixteen; Thirdly by Harry Kitchen, who played God, took the floundering Town of Lindsay, added it to prosperous rural areas and villages and had the audacity to call it a 'CITY' of the Kawartha Lakes. The founding residents and all local residents are the laughing stock of Ontario.

      We trusted that Dalton McGuinty would stick to his word and show the P C's that democracy is alive, however, we now find that he stands behind forced almalgamations and dictatorship.

      We live in a wonderful land full of opportunity and freedom of speech. Is this the beginng of the unrest we are witnessing in other countries when a Premier forces measures onto the people and the people speak and replace that Premier with a new one who apparently has the same beliefs only hides from the public till elected.

      Hoping there is a light at the end of this tunnel

      F C

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