Letters to the Editor

February 23, 2004

      The reply of "NO" from Mr. Gerretson regarding the referendum question of de-amalgamation is not acceptable. We thought this was a democracy. At least it was the last time we looked. After all, this is Canada, isn't it?

      We are beginning to wonder. After the referendum vote, the people of Victoria County decided that the "City of Kawartha Mistakes", oops Lakes, is not for us. After 3 years of it we are now in over our heads with a $56 million debt and no end in sight.

      We are a rural area for the most part, not a town, village or city where people walk on sidewalks, drive on paved roadways, and stroll by street lights at night. We only have a "cow path" (Canada Post's description of our road) on which to walk, but only in the daylight. You see we have no street lights or sidewalks, not to mention ditches, sewers or any other modern convenience supplied by the "City".

      It is appalling to believe that our local and Provincial governments will not support us on a vote that clearly indicates we want and need our individual townships back. We were doing very well long before amalgamation was shoved down our throats by overpowering, self important, selfish politicians who cannot see beyond the nose on the front of their face.

      Why don't you politicians put yourselves in our place. Step down from your high pedestals and yell as loud as you can about how unfair everything is and that you are being treated like fodder and nobody cares how you feel or how right you are to feel it. You will soon find that there is nobody there to hear you. Voices slammed against a blank wall, only to be echoed back into your own ears. This is not democracy, it is dictatorship.

      We are a thinking society. We have beliefs and we strongly believe that the "City of Kawartha Mistakes", oops there we go again "Lakes", is NOT for us. We urge you to do something to restore our beliefs that when we vote we do it with the faith that our voice has been heard and not turned onto deaf ears. That our political representatives will listen to the people and fight for their rights regardless of what it takes. Seems too many times, politicians get into office based on their campaign platforms and after getting there, close the door on the very people who got them there.

      This is Canada, not Russia or any third world country where people are nothing but stepping stones on which to trod to get to the top where you can sit, ponder and do your fellow neighbour in, just because you hold power.

      Power? We gave you support because of your platform that you would stand by the people. You would listen to the people. You would support the people and go the distance.

      Well, the people have spoken. WE WANT DE-AMALGAMATION and WE WANT IT NOW!! Give us the money to support this before you do something mundane with it, such as give yourselves all a raise when you haven't

     done a thing to earn it.. So, let's see just how honest you politicians are by upholding your platform promises. After all you sounded sincere at the time of your campaign. Now let's see you put your integrity where your mouth is. Don't forget too, there will be another election in the future. What you do or don't do now will come back to haunt you if you decide to campaign again for another term. We don't want liars but politicians who will keep their word. We are the people. We vote you into power (power, isn't that ironic?). Now let's see you earn your keep not to mention the trust people have put in you.

      Right now we are not very proud to be citizens of Ontario, where politicians DO NOT LISTEN to the voters! We need action and support from YOU! We do not need another slap in the face, or a hush now let's be reasonable about this. The voters have voiced their wish to de-amalgamate. Now it's time for you to do your job!!

      Fred & Margaret Coplen
     Fenelon Falls
     Victoria County

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