Letters to the Editor

February 23, 2004
Dear Sir

      As just an ordinary citizen I have always believed in democracy, the right of free speech and the power of the law.

      That free people have the right to the government of there choice, vote for, and therefore deserve.

      What the McGuinty Liberals have done in one fell swoop is take us back to pre-democratic days and total frustration by the same people whom elected this government into power.

      I am afraid its not dammed good enough, to use the excuse that we do not have the funds at this time when talking about democracy and broken election promises.What price would you put on democracy Mr McGuinty? Those words shouldn't be allowed in the same sentence, but there again, I suppose its okay when Mr McGuinty says it.

      It is and will remain a very slippery slope when election promises are broken and democracy is down trodden. Voters are well known for their long memories and lets face it, fours years is not too long to wait. Do the right thing for democracy Mr McGuinty and keep your word or suffer the consequences in this ward.

      Graham Hawkridge
      Manvers Township

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