Letters to the Editor

February 23, 2004

     All of those supporters of big government who are gloating over their alleged victory following Dalton McGuinty's decision to ignore the referendum will face up to everything except the truth. The truth is that they lost the tournament but were awarded the trophy anyway. Not even a peewee hockey team would accept a win that way, hockey players having more principle and integrity than the "No" supporters.

     De-amalgamation is no longer the issue. What is at stake here is democracy itself. People must learn to stand up to lying, unprincipled politicians. If they don't the time will inevitably come when it won't be just a referendum, but instead an election, which the ruling government will ignore when it doesn't like the ballot count.

     When that happens the good, principled people who fought to uphold democracy won't care any more. At that point, we're all in trouble.

     John Panter
     Verulam township

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