Letters to the Editor

February 21, 2004
Dear David,

      The last time we spoke together face to face were happier times. I,along with many others, put in a lot of work helping you to defeat David Johnston in your riding and we were celebrating your victory.It is a great tragedy that your Party & your leader , Dalton McGuinty, have killed democracy in this province.

      Despite a letter from Mr McGuinty himself ,saying that he would honour the democratic vote to De-Amalgamate the City of Kawartha Lakes, he did the complete opposite !! It would seem that in the words of Mr McGuinty to the Harris Government"that was then,this is now" has become his philosophy.It also appears that the Provincial Liberals abide by the same "hand-book" as the Federal Liberals:-Lie,cheat, truth?,what is truth?.

      If you can recall Mr McGuinty was all for local government & democracy-Boy! have we ever been taken for a walk up the garden path! Well at least we know ( even those of us who had faith & supported the Liberal Party) that not one word,not one letter,or dot that comes forth from the Liberal Party either provincial or federal,can be believed or should be believed.

      One of the problems facing politicians today is that they do not lead or govern by their heart,(which produces passion,which in turn produces progress and some of the greatest leaders of our time-but of course they also had integrity) but rather by legal counsel,consultants and dithering, driven like leaves in the wind, this way and that.

      The taxpayerws coalition will have to unite with others around the province and perhaps even on a national level.David, we have passion and we are committed to stopping the Tax Madness brought about by Amalgamation and to stopping the erosion of democracy.

      As you know David,never before in the history of Canada has the average family carried such a debt load to financial institutions.Even the banks are concerned should there be a "Crash" as most of their profit margins are just numbers on account balance sheets.(i.e. means nothing really the "Cash " is not there.)

      The taxpayers of this nation owe it to themselves and to each other to stand together and fight to restore local government and community in order to control spending of their tax dollars.The Federal Liberals have poured two billion dollars down the tax drain( we won't talk about "Gifts(?) to their friends) on a useless gun registry! ( What the heck! it's only taxpayers money!)

      Now thanks to the Provincial Liberals the taxes in the "City of Kawartha Mistakes"will continue to sky rocket.Never mind ,it will help to rally the undecided to our cause.Even now the water rates in the Village of Omemee have shot up astronomically.The Liberal party is rousing a sleeping giant by it's lack of integrity & leadership(Leadership by the heart not by consultants).

      In closing I will make reference to McGuinty's own observation----"Ignore the will and the voice of the people at your own political risk".Too late David,enjoy the rest of your term in office.

      Sincerely yours,

      A fellow freedon fighter for democracy, fair taxation and fiscal responsibility.


      cc The Sun Newspaper, The Lindsay Daily Post, Victoria County Taxpayers Coalition

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