Letters to the Editor

February 21, 2004
To: City of Kawartha Lkaes Councillors:
      It is with a deep sense of anger that I heard of Mr. Gerretson's response to the referendum on deamalgamation. The votes and wishes of the voting majority were totally ignored. He made a mockery of democracy.
      Unfortunately, I am also angry at the council for the same reasons. Many of the councillors have been elected on the platform of deamalgamation, yet they too are destroying democracy by not presenting a unified front and respecting the wishes of the voting majority.
      Shame on you, and you well know who you are, for pushing aside the wishes of the majority of the voting constituents. You are all just as responsible for the death of democracy as Mr. Gerretson. The cowardice that Mr. Gerretson displayed in his backdoor approach to informing you of his decision has infected you as well.
      N. L.
     Pontypool, Ontario

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