Letters to the Editor

February 24, 2004

      Mr. Davidson,

      While you may not have intended to offend anyone, as a "really bad toothache", I do feel offense. I agree - paring down the city would benefit the outlying areas. Maybe it's time for Lindsay to remove itself, and allow the rest of Victoria County to function again.

      Manvers didn't have any debt at the time of amalgamation. My taxes, at this point, and that's before the budget, have gone up 59%. That increase is paying for the debt of the city, which has ballooned alarmingly. The only services we worried about were road services and they have deteriorated to such a degree that there have been numerous accidents on our road this winter due to a lack of service - apparently sand is in short supply. One, to my knowledge, required ambulance and fire crews, which serve to increase costs.

      Your idea of removing people who don't agree with present ideology seems a little totalitarian. With this thought process, you should have resigned at the time of the election, when the YES side voted to deamalgamate. Obviously you didn't agree with the elected philosophy, and you stood in the way of the functioning of the local government as was elected by the people

      Nancy Lichacz

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