Letters to the Editor

March 5, 2004

      I don't know George Davidson, who represents Ward 4 in the City of Kawartha Lakes, but I found his comments this week particularly galling. He referred to constituents who supported last falls' vote to deamalgamate (which passed) as "bad toothaches", and called upon sitting councillors who supported deamalgamation to resign their seats.

      I was shocked by Davidsons' comments, even more by the fact that "Lindsay This Week" gave it creedance by phrasing it as a poll question. The paper asks "Do you think by-elections should be held to decide the fate of "yes" councillors? Let our newsroom know at 324-8600. It is stunning that a newspaper would even entertain such a notion.

      Where is the outrage at such an attack on our democratic voting system? But democracy was turned on its' head when the majority vote to deamalgamate was denied by Dalton McGuinty on February 19, 2004.

      I guess this gave Davidson the courage to go a step further, now demanding the resignation of democratically elected representatives. Step 1 inevitably led to step 2, and it didn't take long, did it? There's a pretty scarey trend here.

      This issue has obviously gone far beyond a referendum vote. The issue is our form of government. Is it a democracy or a dictatorship posing as a democracy? Davidson's views more properly reflect the voting criteria in North Korea. If only those agreeing with a dictator are allowed to vote, or only one name appears on the ballot, a singular public point of view is ensured.

      Those busily promoting their own interests here show no apparent understanding of the long term sacrifice they make for their own short term gain.When we can't count on politicians, Mr. McGuinty, elected municipal representatives, Mr. Davidson, or the journalistic integrity of the media, short term gains won't mean much in the long run. And this is the most depressing part - I'm not at all sure I should have phrased that in the future tense.

      P. S. Sutherland
      Bancroft, Ontario.

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