Letters to the Editor

February 24, 2004
To Premier McGuinty and Minister of Municipal Affairs, Mr Gerritson


      When your party was in opposition you made many speeches arguing that forced amalgamations were undemocratic, didn't work, didn't save money, didn't improve services and destroyed communities. All very true comments, as we in this ridiculous "City" of Kawartha Lakes now know.Also, Premier McGuinty,you committed yourself in a signed letter to honour the results of a referendum if you were in power.

      Well, HELLO Mr. Premier. The referendum was held, the majority voted to de-amalgamate,and you sent another letter via Mr. Gerritson which broke your promise.

      Mr. Gerritson, ... your cowardly behaviour in the Council Chambers in Lindsay was appalling. You refused to address council or even answer questions. Also sir, did you really feel in need of police protection? De-amalgamationists hiding in the bushes with slingshots? Really!

      My husband and I served in the R.C.A.F. during W.W.2, a war which was fought to preserve democracy. What are you going to tell your children gentlemen? That democracy is no longer relevant?

      We have to conclude that politicians are people who make promises and spout democratic principles when in opposition, and break promises and forget democracy when in power.

     Rene and Glen Wood
     Township of Verulam
     County of Victoria

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