Letters to the Editor

March 9, 2004
Premier McGuinty...we do not accept your dictatorship.

Dear Premier McGuinty:

      Why would anyone be surprised that you refused to support the "YES" vote on de-amalgamation of the "City" of Kawartha Lakes, even though you promised to support the "will of the people"? You have backed out on nearly every major promise you made.

      You professed to have a fresh new approach to problems, but you reverted to the typical Liberal approach -- promise anything and everything just to get elected.

     My instinct is to revert to using adjectives to describe what I think of you and your leadership. However, I won't waste ink, just to say the strong leadership you promised has been replaced with a weak leader who lacks the courage of his convictions. One who hides behind a veil that all the problems are the fault of the previous government.

     When you deny democracy and the peoples' will, you have crossed the line that make you unworthy of being Premier of this great province.

     I suggest you suck up some courage and try to be at least half the leader you portrayed yourself to be and re-visit the decision of the people of the former Victoria County, because we do not accept your dictatorship.

      Yours sincerely,

      Robert L. Whitelaw
      Property owner in Victoria County
      and 5th generation Ontarian

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