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`Yes’ Force Ready For Historic Restructuring Referendum

After three months in the planning stages, organizers today launched a new grassroots, broadly based group called the Victoria County Yes! Campaign at a news conference at the Royal Resort just outside of Fenelon Falls.

Spokespersons Paul Pagnuelo of the Victoria County Taxpayers Coalition and Lynne Boldt of the Voices of Central Ontario told reporters that both organizations have formed a strategic alliance to support the case for a `Yes’ vote in November’s restructuring referendum.

"Our two organizations have agreed to work together and share expertise in promoting the `Yes’ side of the referendum campaign," said Boldt.

"Each of us is coming at it from a somewhat different perspective."

She said other organizations and individuals are invited to join the Victoria County Yes! Campaign.

Pagnuelo said that despite the diversity of the two organizations, which will continue to operate independently of each other, they were able to reach common ground on the need to de-amalgamate.

"VOCO is championing the cause of a democratic process and the restoration of local democracy, identities and culture, while the VCTC is promoting the need for tax fairness, local control of spending and services and lower cost of government," said Pagnuelo.

The Victoria County Yes! Campaign is comprised of a steering committee and has six sub-committees covering research, communications, promotion, distribution, fundraising and finance.

It plans to distribute a series of information pamphlets throughout the summer and fall to all households in the former County.

According to Pagnuelo, the group is anxious to debate the issues with representatives of the `No’ side who so far have refused to participate in any Information Sessions.

"We’re prepared to sponsor town hall debates, either alone or in conjunction with local media, if the province reneges on its commitment to hold four Information Sessions."

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