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One Incident Involves City Public Works Truck

      Referendum signs urging a vote for de-amalgamation on November 10th are going missing in the northern part of the City of Kawartha Lakes says the Victoria County Yes! Campaign.

      The culprits are becoming bolder by the day,” said Yes! Campaign spokesperson Lynne Boldt.

      To date at least 10 signs have been reported missing.

      According to Boldt, the latest disappearance involves two 4’ diameter plywood signs on private property on Highway 35 in Cameron, which went missing in the early hours of August 21st.

      “A witness identified a suspicious vehicle in the area around dawn,” said Boldt. “The structure of the dual sign was well secured in the ground and had to involve a fair amount of effort to remove.”

      The owner of the property plans to lodge a trespass complaint and the Yes’ campaign a theft complaint with the OPP today.

      And according to a reliable source, two individuals confronted what appeared to be a City employee last week in the Coboconk area, who was removing a `Vote Yes’ referendum campaign sign along the roadway.

      When asked what they were doing, one of the two people in a City of Kawartha Lakes Public Works truck said he was removing the sign because it was on a public thoroughfare. Upon being challenged as to why they were not removing other signs on the thoroughfare, the individual threw the `Vote Yes’ sign in the back of the Public Works truck and drove off.

      Boldt said an official compliant has been lodged with both the CAO’s office and the Director of Public Works.

      “The Yes! Campaign strongly supports an honest, vigorous and open debate on de-amalgamation and the tampering with or theft of referendum signs has no place in a free and democratic society.”

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