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Signs Returned In Darkness Of Night

Two large plywood Yes! signs, which went missing from private property off Highway 35 in Cameron in the early hours of August 21st, have been returned in the darkness of night says the Victoria County Yes! Campaign.

     Sometime between 11:00 p.m. Friday and 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning our two plywood signs were returned to the Cameron property, “ said Yes! Campaign spokesperson Lynne Boldt.

     Boldt said the Yes! Campaign has notified the OPP that the two 4 foot diameter referendum signs anonymously have been returned.

     We suspect that the culprit or culprits got cold feet after realizing it wouldn’t be easy to dispose of the signs, and if caught with them could be facing theft charges.”

     The Yes! Campaign credits local media who covered the story of the missing signs when at least ten of them urging a vote for de-amalgamation on November 10th went missing in the northern part of the City of Kawartha Lakes.

     We believe the fact that a witness identified a suspicious vehicle in the area around dawn on the morning of the disappearance and that the Yes’ Campaign laid a theft complaint with the OPP were contributing factors in the culprit’s decision to return the signs.”

     Five of the missing Yes! campaign signs were located by one media outlet in the Lindsay MTO yard, after being picked up by a maintenance company on contract with the province for being too close to the highway.

     After allowing for further disappearances, the two signs that were returned to the Cameron property and the five that turned up at the MTO yards, Boldt said an up-to-date count of outstanding missing signs now stands at over 20.

     The Yes! Campaign said it is still awaiting the outcome of an investigation by the City’s Public Works Director into its’ complaint regarding one small Yes! sign, which two reliable witnesses observed being removed by one of two occupants of a City of Kawartha Lakes truck adjacent to a Coboconk roadway.

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